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August 31, 2017 • AMERICAN, BREAKING NEWS, Featured

President Trump may have had an assassination attempt.

The ‘Zupruder’ film is here.

As the motorcade of the 45th President of the United States with Donald Trump in it sped by, a car attempted to ram the motorcade in what seemed as an attempt to kill him.

Witness say Secret Service pulled two ladies out of the car. Thelma and Louise ?

Where’s the Fake Media….. Scooped by Social Media, again !

As usual YOU decide. Wow.

This is an evolving story




Was it an attempt to kill the POTUS?

Notice the driver of the presidents car radically swerve right [obviously he thought it was an attempt] indicating the driver had extreme situational awareness and made evasive moves before we even see the car blast out of the woods only to be thwarted by the ditch.

As of 9.1.17 still nothing from the media.

The Secret Service are very quite about this attempt on President Trump. Secret Service has their collective hands full and probably don’t want to instigate copy cats as this attempt clearly demonstrated incredible vulnerability for an assassination.

May Gods hands be on President Trump’s shoulders, for the very existence of America we knew.

Still a developing story

As of 9.3 there are various but conflicting Intel and data but we’re evaluating all of it because as fellow ‘Deplorables’, we want facts and they’re very hard to come by.

Rumors ….Very Easy.

At this point we’ll believe our ‘Lying Eyes’, thank you.

More to come-

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