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September 28, 2013 • BIG FAT LIE, Featured

Lois Lerner Embattled IRS official appeared to be deeply involved in scrutinizing the applications of Tea Party groups for tax-exempt status.

That is according to newly released emails that further challenge the claim the targeting was the work of rogue Ohio-based employees.

lois lerner

The administration condoned this and encouraged it. This is more chi-town politics.

The new administration coming after this stink will go after all the people that have committed crimes.

You’re gonna be plead’n more than the 5th before we’re done with you.



Big government with too much power.

lois lerner

Lois Lerner should be arrested for deceiving the hearing members. We all know she’s up to her eyeballs in this.

Our sources are clear. “This was orchestrated directly from the white house.”

god dam america




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