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March 10, 2017 • IN A PICTURE, Photos

I’m a come’n boss, just need a ‘Little Mo time’.

The ‘Little Mo’ story.

This is the famous five month old Chinese Shar Pei Little Mo.

What’s he famous for you ask?

Well this big dog, ah er….  Puppy is schlepping in a furniture commercial doing of all things, you guessed it, sleeping. He’s the star of the commercials and when the owners tried a new campaign there was an uproar for keeping ‘Little Mo’.

He looks like royalty if he doesn’t act like it already.

As you can see, he slept completely through his photo shoot right on Que !

Something tells us ‘Little Mo’ ain’t having nothing to do with anything move’n to fast.

Here are some Shar Pei facts,


The Shar-Pei is self-assured, serious, independent, stubborn and very much self-possessed. Although not particularly demonstrative, he is devoted and very protective of his family. He can be reserved, even suspicious, toward strangers.


OK, whatever.

Maybe when he’s awake he’ll see something, No ?

You just gotta love a mug like that.

I’m just say’n…


LITTLE MO'Just need a little mo nap, Little Mo’


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