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September 29, 2017 • FAKE NEWS, Featured, LEFT RIGHT CENTER, THE PEOPLE, WORLD


She is our North of the border Southern Queen.

Lauren slices more cucks.


















Published on June 24th, 2017



Published on May 1st,, 2017

Now in Paris- “Antifa making a real battle zone of a once beautiful city. It’s extremely dangerous. It’s not safe for anyone, I’m getting out of here.” Lauren Southern reporting from Paris.

I can’t see how Le Pen can lose !


“The ‘Hyper Blonde Angle Of Death’  Following the worlds greatest social dislocations and fresh from Berkeley”

/sarc Stefan Molyneux




Lauren Nails it.

Lauren Southern gives it to the battle of FAKE NEWS with both damn barrels.

She beautiful, she’s witty, she’s Reporter Lauren Southern, she deals with the left and FAKE NEWS in all its ever love’n lies, only the way she can.
Lauren with plenty of sarcasm tees it up and sails it out of the park.  So, get a drink and sit back because Lauren Southern is now at the plate.

All hail zucc“- Lauren Southern, American Patriot









Lauren on the front lines but with plenty of big burly bad ass back up. UN-afraid In the middle of the Battle of Berkeley.

While on the front lines listen to a Fat Ugly antifa chick yell at Lauren, but listen even closer to Lauren’s answer. Watch the antifa broads reaction, it’s worth a million bucks and so is Lauren !





Whether in Alaska on a dogsled or strapped up in a battle zone-

Our conservative ladies are so damn HOT !!!





Where is the Canadian born International Front Line Reporter, Lauren Southern going next…. Stay Tuned at


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