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bear of bears


September 29, 2017 • Featured, Photos

When football players played football and not politics.

When winning was important and meant everything, it never meant more important than country. They all stood, stood for their belief in country if not always agreeing with the government.

“A throw back to another time, but not a throw away.”

Here is the up close and personal greeting that awaits you if your going into Bear Country. We mean the Chicago Bears, the Soldiers Field Bears as in the biggest and baddest bear, Dick Butkus.

bear of bears

Click picture for bear of Bears highlight reel.



Known for his vicious and sometimes career ending tackles, opponents often were hurt the week before the game so they would not have to face the original ‘Monster of the Midway’ Dick Butkus.

bear of bears

He is the legendary Chicago athlete considered the bear of Bears
Notice the look of malice. Not good if you were the opposing team
Dick Butkus bear of bears

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