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July 21, 2013 • AMERICAN, Gallery

ASK NOT is one of the most quoted phases of any inaugural speech there has been.

A little irony is that this man, this great president served and was a bonafide war hero. He knew what it took to win and work as a team. He is an American the entire country can be proud to have said, “He was our President.”

The media plays up the Camelot angle and the JFK affairs with Hollywood starlets but understand this my friends, this man would not have been allowed through the back door of the last few Presidential Democratic Convention as of late.

So are they really democrats or have democrats been pushed out of there own party ? A once good and well thought of party to become a socialist movement ? Socialist can’t win without a cloak.

You see there was a time when both parties were considered American just with different approaches. Is that what we have now, I think not.

See for yourself is he a democrat or something else in this context of time.


A once revered Democrat who would not have been allowed in the last few Democratic Presidential Conventions let alone speak to the crowd.

Steven Latard

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